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I was walking to and from my car tonight and the sky was a very dark blue grey, almost black, the moon was slowly diffusing through some white clouds giving the night a bit of an eerie, but not ominous feeling, with a coolness in the air but no breeze… and I thought that this is nice, as humans we need more of this. We are always so very much ENCLOSED in our houses, in our cars, in our workplaces, in our shops and malls – damn, man! We almost never see and feel the WORLD! It can be so beautiful. Do we really choose to stay inside, in these lifeless walls we build?

Anyway. That is a digression. I was recently sitting in front of my computer, surrounded by the four walls and roof of my room, working hard on my Talos Extensive Connectivity Artificial General Intelligence. And I have made so great progress, this will not mean much to my readers, but I want to post this image here of my latest neural network, just for the records, just for the history annals :)

What is it? It is the beginnings of a neural network that grows by itself, and that organizes itself, in a Hebbian-like manner, just a “tiny” bit more advanced :) I call it “ActiveGrowth”. It is too much to explain here, but I plan to create an in-depth document that I will publish on a scholarly website somewhere, wherein I describe the “big idea”. When I have done that some day, I will let you know here. The concept is this, though: see the orange arrows? Those are all nodes that the Extensive Connectivity ActiveGrowth system has ‘grown’ dynamically, at runtime, in order to facilitate the learning of a state. And it works, this is a screenshot of the actual working result of a self-growing network.

Also of note is that I have added location data to my neural system. I had an insight a few days ago; that location can serve a computational purpose. A very important computational purpose; in the case of neural systems, location is a powerful ‘filter’ for dynamic network generation parameters. Again this is too much to describe here, it will be detailed soon.


Keep looking up at the sky. Otherwise, you might miss the moon, and she is quite beautiful. :)

Talos Artificial General Intelligence – Progress as at 3 February 2014

I have not posted about my Talos (formerly Farve) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talos) artificial general intelligence in a while, so I thought I would give a quick update.

I am busy implementing the first real-world AGI implementation, a visual recognition system. It is not nearly done yet, and what I am going to show is just a very small part of the network; this should give you an idea of the complexity of an EXCON system. Currently, it consists of a retina with 36 ‘photoreceptors’, the rest is supporting network, for a total of 2556 nodes (neurons) and 5040 links (synapses).



It is pretty big, and I hope to be able to quite soon demonstrate an actual self-adapting, learning system (possibly animat-style (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animat)).

As a side-note for the software developers that are following my posts; I want to hear your opinion about this; a compile-to-native compiler for the C# programming language. I so much want this. I do not want the .NET framework (specifically, the ‘class library’), and I do not want the runtime compilation. I do not want the garbage collector but rather a COM-pointer-like smart pointer. Like the C++11 shared_ptr<>. And I want delegate and event syntax, and default pass-by-reference.

If not C#, is there some other language and compiler that support this?

PS: I have looked at D, and I do not like signals and slots, they seem very un-intuitive compared with delegates and events.



She’s Got The Eye Of The Tiger

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

We direct your atten-shun to Jessica Kitten. She was stuck in an old chimney of a disused oven at Bakers Delight in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia. Edgar’s Mission Founder and Director Pam Ahern climbed inside the chimney and rescued her. She was a bit bedraggled but has recovered and she is ready to ROAR!





From Kyle at Edgar’s Mission.

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I have just watched an old movie, it is called “Dirkie”, also translated into English and titled “Lost in the Desert”. It was made in 1969. And it was, without a doubt, one of the best movies I have ever seen. None of those cheap nonsense in modern American movies; this was special.

I recommend you watch it.





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